It’s Dangerous If You Eat Instant Noodles Too Often

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Instant noodles have become one of the favorite foods of all ages. Besides being delicious, practical and cheap, instant noodles sold in Indonesia also have many flavors and are easy to get from small stalls to large supermarkets.

But many ignore the dangers of consuming this instant noodle too often. This is because instant noodles do not contain the nutrients that the body needs, are high in fat, carbohydrates and sodium and use preservatives and chemicals which of course can endanger health if consumed too often.

There are various dangers if you eat instant noodles too often that can lurk your health. Collected from various sources, here is the information.

1. Obesity

According to research from The Korean Nutrition Society and The Korean Society of Community Nutrition , consumption of instant noodles too often can lead to obesity.

Although one serving of instant noodles can give a feeling of fullness, the calories in it are quite high. Not to mention if you are part of the team eating instant noodles with rice, then the number of calories consumed is doubled.

Instant noodles also have high carbohydrates, so if consumed in excess it can trigger obesity.

2. Diabetes

Too often eating instant noodles can also trigger diabetes. This is because the carbohydrate content in a serving of noodles is quite high. The combination of high calories and carbohydrates can cause fat accumulation in the abdomen which can trigger metabolic syndrome.

Most people with metabolic syndrome cannot produce insulin, which is essential for converting glucose into energy. Lack of insulin can also increase a person’s risk of developing diabetes.

3. Hypertension and Stroke

The salt or sodium content in one pack of instant noodles is about 1,700 grams or equal to 9-11 tablespoons.

Eating too much salt from the content of instant noodles can increase blood volume which makes blood vessels work harder so that it can cause hypertension. Hypertension that is not controlled properly can lead to stroke.

4. Disturbing the Digestive System

Instant noodles can also cause disturbances in the digestive system. This is because instant noodles contain low fiber and nutrients that can increase the risk of experiencing constipation.

Instant noodles can also interfere with digestion because these foods are not easily processed in the digestive tract.

5. Disrupts Menstrual Schedule

For women, consuming instant noodles too often can interfere with hormones that can cause menstrual schedules to be disrupted. Hormonal disorders can also be a trigger for acne.

Eating instant noodles once in a while is certainly allowed, especially when the weather is cold, it’s best to eat instant noodles with gravy. But you have to limit the consumption, yes!

At least consume a maximum of 1 pack per week for adults and 1 pack per month for children. In addition, also add vegetables such as mustard greens, pakcoy and eggs so that your instant noodles are healthier.

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